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Some interesting websites with pages of links and resources.


ABZU: Information related to the study of the Ancient Near East on the Web  

ASOR: links on the site of American School of Oriental Research

Awilum: Beautiful site with many links. Under Tools of the Trade material can be downloaded, for example the complete Chicago Assyrian Dictionary. Furhermore, there are links to the digital versions of Aleppo Codex and Sinaiticus. In de category Museums links to the Bibel+Orient museum (material Othmar Keel e.o.), British Museum and Louvre. Under Archaeology links to excavations in the ancient Near East (such as Ashkelon, Megiddo, Petra, Royaume d'Ougarit en Tel Dan).

Bible & Beyond: Pictures of important archaeological findings, e.g. the Gezer Calendar, Mesha Stone, Cyrus Cylinder, Seal of Jezebel. Site of The Center for Online Judaic Studies. The link selects the time of 1000-586 BCE, but through the menu on the left and the search window also other periods can be viewed with their artifacts.

BIBIL Biblical Bibliography of Lausanne.

Biblical Scholars <on the> Net

Biblical Studies: Overview of commentaries and articles (sometimes also as PDF) per Bible book. Furthermore, literature on archaeology, maps, canon, translations, New Testament, etc. The site also has a (unfortunately rather chaotic) RSS-feed.

BILDI: Bibelwissenschaftliche Literaturdokumentation Innsbruck. Bibliography database

DTC: Digital Theologal Centre, resources  

ISATEX: Informations-Stelle für Alt-Testamentliche Exegese

IxTheo: Index theologicus. The Zeitschrifteninhaltsdienst Theologie of the university library in Tübingen. Offers a nice opportunity for searching in theological journals.

KiBiDaNO: Kieler Bilddatenbank Naher Osten (initiated by Rüdiger Bartelmus, Kiel University. Pictures of the ancient Near East. The pictures have no hight resolution but can be used for presentations with a digital projector. Searching by placename of classification)

The Old Testament and the Ancient Near East: Website by Ralph W. Klein (Several links on Bible, arcaheology and ancient Near East)

Orion Center: Outside links (Dead Sea Scrolls)

SBL-site: Web Resources

Tyndale House: Online Resources (click on the item in the menu at the left: doorbell 6).

WIBILEX: Das wissenschaftliche Bibellexikon im Internet, a project by the Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft (The Lexicon items are updated often. At the moment there are about 90 items available. Wibilex is free; at your first visit you have to register)



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