29. Abraham Kuenen (1828-1891). His Major Contributions to the Study of the Old Testament

Auteur(s): Edited by P.B. Dirksen and A. van der Kooij
Jaar van uitgave: 1993

This volume contains the five papers read at a Symposium held in Leiden on 10 December 1991, on the occasion of the centenary of Abraham Kuenen’s death, together with four other articles.
The introductory article gives a short biography of Kuenen, one article deals with his method, two concern his approach to the religion of ancient Israel, and the other six discuss the reception of his work on the Pentateuch and later developments in various countries.
Together these articles highlight the significance of this great Old Testament scholar, and at the same time identify issues which continue to confront Old Testament research. Though the wide variety of new approaches to the Old Testament has contributed greatly to our understanding of it, it is clear that historical research has not been rendered obsolete or superfluous by it.