34. Synchronic or Diachronic? A Debate on Method in Old Testament Exegesis

Auteur(s): Edited by Johannes C. de Moor
Jaar van uitgave: 1995

In Old Testament exegesis a gap is widening between the adherents of the “diachronic”, historical-critical approach and those who out of dissatisfaction with both the results and the methods of this “classical” approach opt for a wide variety of “synchronic” approaches. The Ninth Joint Meeting of the Dutch “Oudtestamentisch Werkgezelschap” and the British “Society for Old Testament Study”, held at Kampen 28-31 August 1994, brought together partisans from both camps who engaged in a most interesting and fruitful debate on one of the major methodological issues confronting modern O.T. scholarship. This volume contains the papers read as well as some reports from the workshops. With indices of texts and subjects.