43. Studies in Isaiah 24-27

Auteur(s): Edited by Hendrik Jan Bosman, Harm van Grol et alii
Jaar van uitgave: 2000

The Isaiah ‘Apocalypse’, Isaiah 24-27, is an enigmatic text. Linguistic structure and literary composition can not be discerned easily. The contributions to this volume, the result of studies and discussions which have taken place in the Dutch Isaiah Workshop, treat various aspects of this problem.
The overall structure of the ‘Apocalypse’ is investigated from three rather new points of view, that of text syntax, verse structure and traditional, e.g. Massoretic, segmentation. Other studies of this volume deal with difficult passages and interesting themes. Attention is also given to the most persistent interpretative problem: what is the cohesion of the text as far as time, place and action or actants are concerned?
An annotated translation and a select bibliography complete this stimulating volume.