27. Selected Studies in Old Testament Exegesis

Auteur(s): P.A.H. de Boer. Edited by C. van Duin
Jaar van uitgave: 1981

This book is a tribute to Professor de Boer, the well-known Old Testamentarian of Leiden University who held the chair from 1938 till 1978. Not only was he involved in organizational and editorial work (I.S.S.O.T., Peshitta Institute, Vetus Testamentum etc.), but he was also an inspired and inspiring teacher and a subtle exegete of the Hebrew texts in which he was interested.
In this volume, originally intended as a message of congratulation for his 80th birthday (June 14, 1990) around twenty of his own lectures and articles are presented here which previously were less accessible, because, for instance, they were written in Dutch. All the collected studies are now published in English apart from two in German and two in French. They cover the whole of his scholarly life, from his inaugural address on “Kingship in Ancient Israel” (1938) to his contribution about Psalm lxxxi 6a, to the Festschrift for G.W. Ahlström (1984).
The volume is concluded with a bibliography comprising all Professor de Boer’s publications concerning the Old Testament and related scholarly subjects.